Augmedix Announces New Board Member, Jennifer M. Carter

Jennifer M. Carter, Vice President, Venture Operations at McKesson Ventures, joins the board of directors of the nation’s leading provider of remote medical documentation and live clinical support services.

June 16th, 2020

Dr. Davin Lundquist shares his thoughts on being a member of the

Augmedix, the nation’s leading provider of real-time remote medical documentation powered by ambient doctor-patient conversations, has partnered with many of its health system customers to expand their current medical document services. The new services support clinicians who are on the frontline caring for our communities during the current healthcare crisis.

To further support clinicians, the company has expanded its platform capabilities to support respiratory urgent care clinics, pop-up clinics and telemedicine.

Respiratory Urgent Care Clinics: elevating support provided to doctors treating COVID-19 patients Pop-up Clinics: including parking lots and drive-through health services that are screening patients for COVID-19 Telemedicine: supporting three-way communications for clinicians working in-office or from-home The company’s documentation services provide a flexible hands-free solution so clinicians can remain in their personal protective equipment and continue treating patients without having to deal with the burden of documentation. The remote service also eliminates the risk of requiring another person to be physically present to manage documentation in the testing centers.

Dedicated Augmedix tech-enabled scribes are leveraging COVID-19 workflow guides to efficiently manage medical note documentation while providing clinicians additional real-time support, including pulling data from existing charts and sending clinicians care reminders.

“My Augmedix scribe has been key, while supporting my effort to come up with a telemedicine solution of novel coronavirus.”

“My Augmedix scribe has been key, while supporting my effort to come up with a telemedicine solution of novel coronavirus,” said Dr. Alonso Pacheco, Oncologist at US Oncology Network – Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers. Dr. Pacheco also went on to mention that his scribe, “has been adaptive and supportive and has documented my telemedicine visits that started in the last two days.”

“I appreciate my Augmedix scribe’s flexibility and cooperation while we’re on high alert during the Coronavirus outbreak,” said Christine Tsang, Family Practitioner at Sutter Health.

In most cases, Augmedix can deploy its services immediately to help during these challenging times. As always, Augmedix is here to support clinicians so they can focus on what matters most – patient care. Learn more here or email us at .

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