Augmedix Supports Clinicians on the Frontline

Augmedix is operating amid COVID-19 and supporting clinicians practicing telemedicine

July 6th, 2020

As the world battles the Coronavirus, Augmedix continues to support individual doctors and healthcare systems across the United States who are caring for communities on the frontline during this ongoing healthcare crisis.

Augmedix is taking a myriad of measures to support clinicians and ensure continuity of its medical documentation service. The company has expanded its platform capabilities to support  telemedicine visits, respiratory urgent care clinics, pop-up clinics and drive-up testing sites.

Furthermore, the company has taken extraordinary measures to safeguard the health and safety of its remote scribes, developers, and administrative staff by employing vigilant standards for sanitization and disinfection. Augmedix continues to closely monitor the health and welfare of team members employed around the world.

It has reinforced hygiene best practices, improved cleaning protocols within their ultra-secure HIPAA-compliant centers, provided PPE (personal protective equipment), and instituted additional practices to encourage social distancing for team members that are required to be in the office.

To further limit the risks and spread of the virus, certain employees are working from home under strict security and privacy protocols. Software developers, programmers, and other IT professionals are working and collaborating virtually to continuously provide a seamless service and enhance the company’s natural language processing capabilities.

As for the clinicians on the frontline, Augmedix’s documentation services provide a flexible hands-free solution, which allows clinicians to remain masked in their PPE so they can continue treating patients without having to risk the spread of the virus by touching items needed for note-taking. “Augmedix scribes play a critical role in the health and well-being of our patients and providers”

“Augmedix scribes play a critical role in the health and well-being of our patients and providers,” said Dr. William Baker. “We appreciate them always but especially in a time like this when flexibility, and dependability count the most.”

The remote service also eliminates the risk associated with having additional personnel physically present at the medical sites to manage documentation.

Dedicated remote Augmedix tech-enabled scribes are leveraging COVID-19 workflow guides and templates to manage medical note documentation efficiently while providing clinicians additional real-time support, including pulling data from existing charts and sending clinicians care reminders. In most cases, Augmedix can deploy its services immediately to provide information to clinicians.

As always, Augmedix, the nation’s leading provider of real-time remote medical documentation powered by ambient doctor-patient conversations, is available to support clinicians so they can focus on what matters most – patient care.

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