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The world’s most innovative health care technology is emerging in Bangladesh. Using Google technology, Augmedix creates a huge opportunity to work globally.

What is Augmedix?

Augmedix turns natural clinician-patient conversations into medical documentation, so that clinicians can focus on what matters most: patient care. Augmedix provides doctors with smartphones to securely livestream the clinic visit to its cloud-based platform. A combination of proprietary natural language processing (NLP) technology and human expert teams process the livestream to ensure the creation and quality of medical documentation.

Culture and Growth

Culture of Augmedix

Augmedix provides an open culture as the organization adopts the culture from Silicon Valley, a family-like workplace built on respect, common goals, and communication. Augmedix helps employees to go beyond their comfort zone and keep them motivated.

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Augmedix’s growth and industry

Augmedix has built a world-class technology platform to enable a new healthcare process. The medical scribe industry has evolved from medical transcription and is poised for rapid growth.

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The Reasons to be Proud of!

Global Operations


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US Healthcare team

Scribes are the most important part of Augmedix platform. This job is a unique opportunity for the youth of Bangladesh.

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