Our Mission

We are on a mission to rehumanize the clinician-patient relationship and address the largest pain point in the US healthcare system – with the cooperation of our scribes.




Ian Shakil


Pelu Tran

Country Director


Rashed Mujib Noman

Departments of Augmedix Bangladesh

Scribe Operations  

Augmedix has built a world-class technology platform to enable a new healthcare process. The medical scribe industry has evolved from medical transcription and is poised for rapid growth.


Engineering is responsible for developing all the applications for MDS’ and providers from streaming services to Notebuilder, our proprietary AI tool. Our teams also work with automated speech recognition, natural language processing and machine learning.

BD People  

BD people team is responsible for recruiting new resources, managing employee benefits and performances while updating company policies & regulations. It also successfully organizes events and social gatherings.

Design Team  

Design Team comprises of designers with diverse talents in both US and Bangladesh offices. We have expertise in product strategy, user experience design, visual problem solving, user research, storytelling, videography, and presentation craft.

BD Global IT  

Global IT is responsible for driving the technology infrastructure that delivers Augmedix service. It includes Network Engineering, Corporate IT, and Scribe Partner IT.

Finance & Accounting  

The Finance and Accounting department provides cost-effective and efficient accounting and financial management services to the Board, stakeholders and partners of Augmedix.


The Augmedix Compliance & Security team is responsible for internal compliance, healthcare compliance, security, privacy and audit in Augmedix. Compliance has team members in both  US and Bangladesh.

Business Support  

Business Support team supports the entire Augmedix from USA, Bangladesh, and Partner countries.


Facilities team is responsible for providing, maintaining and developing Space management, Communications infrastructure, Building maintenance, Testing and inspections, Building administration, Contract management, EHS(environment, health, safety), Security, Managing renovations and refurbishments

Customer Support  

Augmedix Customer Support team provide services and help customers with complaints and questions, give customers information about products and services. This team also helps customers understand the product and answers questions about their reservations.


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