Focusing on what
matters most:

Who are Clinical AI Specialists?

Clinical AI Specialists act as professional assistants to the doctors and help them deliver better patient care. They also ensure accurate and detailed reports for the patients. Clinical AI Specialists are a part of the doctor’s care team.

What it takes to be a Clinical AI Specialist

Graduates from any discipline

English listening & writing skills

Good technology and typing skills

Attention to detail

Passion for healthcare

Life at Augmedix

About the Clinical AI Specialist

The Clinical AI Specialist is the most important part of the US patient care team.

Five Simple Steps to Become a Scribe/Clinical AI Specialist

Information Session

You will join the information session to know more about our process and benefits.


You will take our pre-screening test through the app and do a self assessment.

Assessment test

After qualifying in the pre-screening test, you will be requested to take our assessment test.

Final Interview

After qualifying in the assessment test, you will be asked to attend our final interview session.

You are Hired

You start your journey with us!

Be one step ahead by taking our sample pre-screening test.